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PupBox Review 2023: Our Personal Experience

If you just adopted a new puppy, then you know there’s nothing better than spoiling your pup with new toys and treats every month. That’s where PupBox comes in, it just may be the best dog subscription box for puppies and new dog owners. Find out why in this PupBox review for 2023 below!

In this article, we’ll discuss what a PupBox is, who founded the company, and what the top benefits and features are. We’ll also cover my personal experience with the year(s) long subscription, and give you the pros and cons to consider before purchasing your own PupBox.

If you don’t know what a monthly subscription box is or why a dog subscription box is so important for dog owners today then keep reading because we’ll go over that too!

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  • Only 1 Dog Allowed Per Account
  • Cannot Cancel Subscription Contract

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Watch the video below to see us unbox Daisy’s first PupBox!

Jan 2023 PupBox for Daisy!

PupBox was founded about 10 years ago by a pup-loving couple who wanted to provide an easy and convenient way for dog owners to keep their pups happy and healthy. The pupbox provides monthly toys, treats, chews, training tools, and grooming supplies tailored specifically for your puppy’s age, size, breed, and play style.

Not only do you get treats and toys for your young pup but every monthly box also comes with educational materials to help you learn how to properly care for your pup. You’ll get tips on training, nutrition, health, and fun activities that you can do together!

Plus there is a customer service team ready to answer any questions or concerns that you have and they will even replace a toy if it is damaged too quickly or of poor quality.

image from pupbox.com

Why are dog subscription boxes so popular?

Dog subscription boxes are a type of monthly subscription box that can offer fun products like plush toys, dog treats, and even training advice specific to your dog’s age and life stage (a key benefit of PupBox).

These dog subscription box services are becoming increasingly popular with dog owners even opting to receive frozen fresh dog food delivered to their door every month. This means if you cannot make it to the store regularly you can still make sure you have what you need to keep your canine companion happy and healthy throughout the month.

Many dog owners are busy and want to provide the best dog products to their puppies and adult dogs without having to make a trip to the dog store regularly. These dog subscription boxes also deliver canine satisfaction as they make living with a teething puppy much easier when there is always a new toy or chew to play with.

But what makes PupBox different from all the other options available for dog owners today? Well, that’s where this PupBox review comes in! Keep reading to find out if a PupBox pet subscription service is perfect for you and your pup.

Marty showing off his new PupBox bandana!

What is PupBox?

PupBox is the best dog subscription box for puppies and new dog owners. Why? If you are unfamiliar with subscription boxes for dog toys you may be surprised to find out that the price of purchasing treats and toys from the pet store can add up quickly for new pet parents. The new puppy checklist can quickly become hundreds of dollars at a local pet store.

That’s why many pet owners, including myself, choose to opt for pet subscription boxes that offer direct delivery every month and include great discounts on essential pet products such as full-size treat bags, training tools, rope toys, chew toys, and so much more.

PupBox steps in and offers these monthly boxes for around $30 per month (depending on the length of the subscription) and they include 5 premium pet products when added up the cost of these pet products can easily cost more than $60 if bought separately at the store.

If that’s not enough they also tailor each monthly box to your dog’s age to help you get through all the crazy stages of puppyhood and include helpful guides to teach you (the dog owner) about what your pup is experiencing each month and how they are growing and developing.

This makes this one of the only dog subscription services that actually includes training advice for your specific dog’s stage and development. That is why PupBox has become so popular and why they are better for puppies and other boxes that just offer treats and toys.

Marty is wondering why he has to pose before opening his new PupBox

My personal experience with my year(s) long PupBox subscription

I like to start my product reviews with my personal experience using the product, and PupBox is no different. I review products that I have actually used and hope to offer the best insight for you to make the decision as to whether each product is best for your specific needs.

I first started looking into a monthly dog subscription box when I adopted my 8-week-old Golden Retriever, Marty. I subscribed to a year-long commitment and I now have another young dog in the home again causing me to add a subscription for my new 6-month-old pup Daisy, a Corgi puppy.

Here is a photo of Daisy! Isn’t she the cutest šŸ„¹šŸ‘‡

When I first subscribed, I wanted to make sure Marty had all of the toys and treats he needed, but I also had never trained a puppy before and wanted to make sure I started Marty off with the best chance for success as a young dog in a brand-new home.

From the very first PupBox we received, Marty loved the toys included in the PupBox subscription boxes. His first month included two toys, one puppy-size Kong ($11) and a durable plush toy ($15), a premium quality 6ft leash ($20), and two bags of training treats ($19). All of this I suspect costs over $65 dollars to purchase in-store. Plus I usually pick up something I don’t need when I’m there too!

This first month’s subscription was around actually 50% off at the time, saving me time, headache, and money with this tailored box of puppy products. The toys were perfect for my dog’s size and subsequent boxes continued to surprise and delight my pup.

What if I don’t like something in the PupBox?

I have never received something my dog didn’t need from a PupBox, however, if you are very unhappy with one of the products you can reach out and email the customer service team to ask for a replacement product. I always was desperate for my new shipment to arrive as my young puppy was tearing through treats and getting bored with toys quickly.

Each subsequent box included 5 or more premium pet products and each month we were excited to see our new box at the door because it always had exactly what Marty needed for his development that month. Saving me money and trips to the store over time.

I wondered if they could read my mind as I would be thinking, “I hope there’s a good chew treat or bone this month because this puppy is trying to chew everything in the house”, and sure enough, the new toy or chew would keep him entertained for another month or longer.

Overall, the year-long subscription saved me money on the actual products included in the box but also saved me money on the things in my house that my teething puppy didn’t destroy because he was entertained and active with the products he received.

My experience with the PupBox toys

The pet toys PupBox sent Marty were not only adorable but also very durable toys. We got our first box in July of 2020 and he still has his plush toy alligator, toy pterodactyl, kong toy, and many more that he plays with daily.

In fact, we purchased many other durable chew toys from local businesses and Amazon during Marty’s puppy stage and many of them didn’t last more than a few weeks, but somehow the PupBox toys always seemed to make it through.

*Note: I did remove plush toys from Marty’s access overnight and when unattended for Marty’s safety and to teach him to chew only on hard rubber or nylon toys. So he only had them when we were actively playing tug or fetch together.*

However, there were a few instances where Marty destroyed a toy from his PupBox, and in one specific case, we received a plush toy that ripped immediately after opening the box. I sent an email to PupBox customer service and they replied back very quickly with a free replacement as this was an unusual thing for us to request.

My thoughts are that if you have a dog that is a gentle chewer and you watch them closely in the first year to ensure they don’t learn to destroy their plush toys you will love the products that you receive from PupBox and have them for years, (yes we’ve now had some of these toys for years).

If you do have a heavy chewer and you don’t intend to supervise their teething stage by removing plush toys and offering only chew toys freely during the first year of your puppy’s life then you may find that your young teething puppy will destroy their plush toys, no matter how durable they are.

My experience with the PupBox treats

One of the things that make PupBox the best dog subscription for puppies and new dog owners is that you get the opportunity to give your dog a variety of treats over the length of the subscription.

These treats are usually small and can be given as rewards during early training in your puppy’s life. Having a new flavor and style of treat each month keeps your puppy engaged and happy during their training stages and helps solidify good behaviors overall for your pup.

You may find that your dog loves a specific protein or flavor from giving them something new each month. Marty never turned down any treats we received in our subscription box and he never had any food allergies (that we are aware of) from the products we received.

In November, PupBox sent us these probiotic dog food toppers too! The note said they were for settling a puppy’s tummy if they have too much food on thanksgiving or just as a healthy food topper for meals throughout the month.

I loved that they thought of what is actually going on in our pup’s life each month and sent specific dog products to help us along the journey.

My experience with the PupBox training materials

My favorite thing about my PupBox subscription is that I can stay on track with training my pup each month. The training guides I received in each box had step-by-step instructions on how to teach my dog new things, and it helped create a special connection between me and my pups.

Some of the topics covered in the training guides included:

  • Loose-leash walking
  • Teaching sit, down, and stay
  • Teaching impulse control games like “leave it”
  • Positive reinforcement strategies
  • How to teach your dog to wait at doorways instead of bolting out
  • Stopping your puppy from jumping on you and visitors in the home
  • Helping me understand how my dog thinks and why they behave a certain way

And on top of the training materials they always sent me a seasonal tip flyer too. This would include things like how to make frozen homemade dog treats for hot summer days, or what to dress your dog in when it’s cold outside.

This kept me informed on what my dog was going through each month as well and helped me be a better dog owner long-term.

My experience with the shipping

Shipping was always on time each month and we even moved out of state during the year of our subscription and we updated our address with PupBox. They sent the next box to our new home without any issues.

Our boxes were never damaged and the products were always all there. We always received at least the minimum promised and sometimes there were bonus items too! The PupBox deliveries were always there every month and we couldn’t wait to see what was in the next month’s box.

*Note: Boxes were almost always dropped at my front door and not left in my mailbox due to the box sizes being rather large packages.*

My experience with the customer service

As I mentioned above the only issue I had was with a plush tug toy that got ripped right out of the box. I emailed the company and they were quick to reply and very friendly.

Also, when I changed my address they updated it immediately and sent our next month’s box to the correct place.

The subscriptions automatically renew each year and when the year was almost over I decided to login into my PupBox account and cancel the automatic renewal for the next year. However, I ended up signing up for a new subscription anyway later on.

All in all, I never had any issues with customer service or my subscription.

What makes PupBox different?

My favorite thing about PupBox is that you not only get fun treats and toys for your pup’s life stage, but you also get a monthly training guide for your dog’s exact age. This training guide offers insight into what your small dog or puppy is going through as it develops into an adult dog.

As a new dog owner, you get to read a 5-minute guide to help you through many pitfalls puppy owners get into and learn the best ways to overcome unwanted behaviors. You get teething advice to help your puppy through this stage, how to stop unwanted jumping, guides on loose-leash walking, and so much more!

Other boxes simply don’t offer this kind of tailored advice and help to new a new pet parent like PupBox does. They also include at least 1 training product in each box, some of the training products I received during my year-long subscription for my own dog included:

  • High-quality leash (which I still use daily 2 years later)
  • Puppy toothpaste gel to help teach your pup about dental hygiene
  • Puppy size Kong feeder to offer stimulation and fun at mealtime
  • Real bones and puppy-safe chews to help with teething
  • All-natural treats for training sessions
  • One box even came with this led light to attach to my dog’s collar for late-night or early-morning walks in the dark

How did PupBox Start?

PupBox was founded by dog-loving entrepreneurs, Ben and Ariel Zvaifler after they adopted a golden doodle puppy they named Maggie. With the mission to create a monthly subscription box that would help pup parents everywhere better care for their pup’s health and wellbeing, they created PupBox, offering everything from puppy treats to age-specific toys, training tips, and more.

Ben and Ariel were disappointed by the training advice they found online and the conflicting messages being sent to inexperienced dog owners. They wanted to create a product that offers the appropriate advice and addresses the specific stages and needs of young puppies.

Thus, making PupBox one of the best dog subscription box options for new puppy owners and inexperienced dog owners. If you are not sure what you need to purchase for your puppy’s age and development stage then PupBox was created with you in mind.

PupBox has been featured on shark tank, good morning America, and many other media outlets. It is now one of the top subscription dog boxes in the USA.

Top benefits of a PupBox Subscription

1) Convenience

You don’t have to worry about running out of treats and toys for your pup. PupBox does the shopping for you and you get delivered monthly, customized boxes that are perfect for your pup’s age and life stage.

2) Pricing

PupBox is great value for your money, you get high-quality products that are tailored to your pup at a fraction of what you would pay if you were to buy each product separately.

3) Quality of products

The pupbox team curates boxes with high-quality products that I personally was considering purchasing for my dog already. Brands like Kong, Zukes, and much more came monthly and gave us a great variety to choose from. Products are also made in the US or Canada too!

4) Great for puppies and dogs in training

PupBox was designed with puppies in mind, so if you have a pup aged 0-15 months then pupbox is the perfect subscription box for your pup. Why? Because you get great advice that is consistent and can help you build a strong bond with your new dog through training and fun.

5) Training guides

Each pupbox comes with a monthly training guide that will help you solve the common puppy problems that may come up throughout the first year of your puppy’s life with you. This helps new pup parents learn how to care for their pup and address any unwanted behaviors.

Best features of PupBox

Training materials

The training guides can be a real lifesaver if you haven’t trained a dog before and they help pet owners stay on track with training and teaching their young dogs. I would enjoy reading the guide and after I would post it on my refrigerator each month to remind me to take 15 mines each day to work with my young puppy to keep them engaged and happy as well as train them on what is expected of them inside the home.

Fun toys and treats

The treats and toys that are included in the PupBox subscription are great no matter what dog size, breed, or age your pup is. You fill out a questionnaire that tells PupBox exactly what you need and they will include two toys with each box as well as yummy treats and long-lasting chews to keep your fur baby entertained on busy days.

Helps you build a foundation for your young dog

My favorite thing about PupBox is how it helped me create a strong bond with my new puppy. Almost all pet owners need help with those first few months of having a new dog in the house, and PupBox makes it easy to stay engaged with training and playing with your dog daily.

PupBox pricing

It wouldn’t be a true PupBox review without a pricing structure.

I included a screenshot from the pricing page as of today, however, you should check for yourself the current prices before subscribing as this could be subject to change at any time.

Subject to change, check before subscribing!

The single dog subscription box includes the two toys, two treat bags, and a training tool plus guides, for roughly $30 a month if you subscribe for a year. I chose this option because it saves the most money overall and provides pretty much all the toys and treats you’ll need for your dog’s first year with you. Meaning you don’t have to go out and spend $360 on supplies all at once when you adopt a new puppy.

PupBox pros and cons


  • Great prices on premium dog products
  • Durable toys
  • Healthy treats
  • Really strong chew toys and bones
  • Each month’s subscription should be exactly what you need
  • Training guides and tools monthly
  • Helps you build a strong bond with your dog
  • Reliable shipping and customer service


  • You cannot leave the subscription once you enroll you have to finish the year
  • You cannot have multiple dogs on a plan you have to create separate accounts for each dog
  • Subscriptions automatically renew and you must log in and cancel
  • Read the fine print before subscribing for a long-term plan if you are on the fence
  • Some of the toys ripped quickly even with a gentle dog like mine

Should you sign up for PupBox?

Overall, I think PupBox is a great subscription box for pup parents who are looking for convenience, quality products, and training materials each month. The prices are very reasonable and the toys and treats have been high-end making it worth the price.

If you’re considering signing up for a pupbox subscription then make sure to read all of their terms and conditions before committing to a long-term plan as some reviews complain that you cannot get out of a year-long commitment.

However, if you do subscribe you will likely have a wonderful time unboxing new fun items for your dog each month and spoiling them with the love and attention they deserve.


Where can I find a discount coupon code?

Right here! If you sign up for your first PupBox through the link at the top of this article you will get 50% off!

Can I cancel a year-long PupBox subscription?

No. You cannot cancel the subscription it is a contract so be sure to choose the right length for your needs. I chose a year-long commitment because I was excited to get the discount on puppy supplies and work on training my puppy long-term.

Is PupBox worth the price?

Yes! PupBox is a great option for pup parents who are looking for convenience, quality products, and training materials each month. The prices are very reasonable and the toys and treats are high-quality. I chose PupBox for my dogs over all the other options out there because what they offer in training guides and tools is so much more important than just a regular toy and treat subscription.

What are the top PupBox alternatives?

There are many alternatives to the PupBox dos subscription box, these include brands like the Dapper Dog box, Rescue Box, Pooch Perks, Bark Box, Pet Treater box, and many more. You can read my roundup blog article on the best dog subscriptions to find out which one is perfect for your pup.

What do I do if my dog has dietary restrictions?

If your pup has dietary restrictions you should contact PupBox directly to discuss their options for customizing the boxes. They are very accommodating and will work with you to make sure your pup’s needs are met.

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