How to Groom a Puppy: 10 Tips Every Dog Owner Needs

There’s nothing quite like bringing home a new puppy. The excitement, the joy, the unlimited cuddles, it’s an unforgettable experience. But as any dog owner knows, a puppy also comes with a lot of responsibility.

One of the most important things you can do for your pup is to ensure they are well-groomed and healthy. A dog’s hair can be a breeding ground for fleas, ticks, and other parasites, so regular grooming is essential.

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You can either take your dog to a vet or professional groomer for a grooming session, or you can groom your dog at home. Whichever option you choose, making sure your dog is clean and healthy is one of the best things you can do for them, and it’s also pretty good for your own peace of mind.

So if you’re thinking about getting a new puppy, make sure you’re prepared to take on the responsibility of keeping them clean and healthy. You can check out our new puppy checklist to get some ideas on how to best prepare for the new addition to your family. It’s one of the best things you can do for them and for yourself.

Grooming your puppy helps keep them clean and healthy, and can also help make the bonding process between you and your pup stronger. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 tips that every dog owner should know about grooming their newly adopted puppy!

What do I need to buy to groom a puppy at home?

You will need a few supplies before you start grooming your puppy at home. These include:

  • A good quality dog shampoo and conditioner
  • A brush (for your dog’s hair)
  • A nail trimming clipper or grinder (for your dog’s nails)
  • Dog Ear Cleaning Solution (for your dog’s ears)
  • Cotton balls or pads (for cleaning the ears)
  • Good Quality Dog Toothpaste & Toothbrush

1) How Can I Make My Puppy Comfortable With Being Groomed?

The first step to grooming your puppy is to make sure they are comfortable with the process. This means getting them used to being handled in different ways and also getting them used to the sights and sounds of the grooming sessions.

Start by handling your puppy all over its body, including its paws, ears, and face, this will get them used to an entire grooming routine. Puppy grooming should be an enjoyable process where your puppy is calm and you are both having a good time.

2) Should I Brush My Puppy?

Yes, you should brush your puppy! Brushing helps remove dirt, debris, and loose hair from your dog’s coat. It also helps distribute the natural oils in their skin, which keeps your dog’s coat healthy and looking shiny.

Start by brushing your puppy once a week so that you don’t irritate your dog’s skin too much. You can increase this to daily brushing as they get older. Be sure to go slow and start with their back first to get them used to the feeling of the brush on their fur.

Long-haired dogs may get tangles and mats in their fur, so keeping a grooming routine will help prevent having to cut the dog’s hair due to overly tangled fur.

3) Can I Give My Puppy a Bath?

Yes! You can give your puppy a bath, but you should only do so when necessary. Puppies don’t need to be bathed as often as adult dogs since they don’t get as dirty.

When you do give your puppy a bath, use a dog shampoo and conditioner that is designed for puppies. These products are gentle on the dog’s coat and won’t irritate your dog’s skin like some human shampoos can.

Be sure to rinse your puppy’s fur thoroughly to remove all the soap before you dry them off. You can use a towel or a pet-safe hairdryer. It isn’t recommended to use a human hair dryer on your dog as they are very hot and can dry out or burn your dog’s healthy skin.

Never leave your puppy unattended in the bath and ensure they enjoy their time in the water. You can also use a detachable shower head to rinse through your pup’s coat entirely just be sure not to get any water in your dog’s ears or eyes.

4) Should I Brush My Puppy’s Teeth?

Yes, you should brush your puppy’s teeth! Just like humans, puppies can get cavities and other dental problems if their teeth aren’t brushed regularly.

It is best to brush your dog’s teeth with good quality, dog-specific toothpaste. Avoid using human toothpaste as it can contain fluoride which is poisonous to dogs.

You should get your puppy used to regular brushing (at least once a week, or more if possible) to help prevent bad breath and tartar buildup. If you start brushing their teeth when they’re young, they will be more used to the process and it will be easier to brush their teeth as they get older.

5) Should I Trim My Puppy’s Nails?

Yes, if your dog has overly long nails you should have them trimmed at a grooming salon or use a pair of dog-specific nail trimmers. If you don’t keep your dog’s nails trimmed, they can grow too long and start to curl under. This can cause your puppy pain and make it difficult for them to walk.

You can use a special dog nail trimmer or grinder to trim your puppy’s nails. You can also ask your vet or groomer to show you how to trim your puppy’s nails.

Nail trimming is a very delicate process as the dog’s nails have a sensitive nerve inside their nail called a “quick”. This should never be clipped as your dog will bleed and hurt from the nail being cut too short.

6) Should I Clean My Puppy’s Ears?

Yes, you should clean your dog’s ears! If you don’t keep their ears clean, they can get an infection. This can cause your puppy a lot of pain and discomfort.

You can use a special dog ear cleaner or wipes that you can find at local pet shops to clean your puppy’s ears. You can also ask your vet or groomer to show you how to clean your puppy’s ears at your first vet visit.

If you choose home grooming be sure to only clean the part of your puppy’s ear that you can see. Don’t stick anything into their ear canal as this can damage their hearing.

7) Should I Give My Puppy a Haircut?

Yes, you can give your puppy a haircut! This is especially important if you have longhaired dogs as it can help prevent matted hair and tangles in your dog’s fur.

You can take your puppy to a groomer to get their haircut, or you can do it yourself at home. If you’re going to do it yourself, be sure to use dog clippers and scissors that are designed for cutting the dog’s hair.

Be very careful not to accidentally cut your puppy’s skin while you’re cutting their hair. During grooming sessions, it is best to use professional grooming tools to provide the best possible outcome for your dog.

8) What is Puppy Fur?

Puppy fur is different from adult dog fur in a few ways. Puppy fur is usually thinner and softer than adult dog fur. It also doesn’t have the same protective properties as adult dog fur.

This means that puppies can get cold easily and they’re more susceptible to skin problems. It’s important to take care of your puppy’s fur and skin to make sure they’re healthy and comfortable.

One way to do this is to use a special shampoo and conditioner for puppies. You can also use a pet brush or glove brush to help prevent matting and remove dead hair from your puppy.

9) How Often Should I Groom My Puppy?

You should groom your puppy as often as you can! The more you groom them, the more comfortable they will be with the process.

Start by grooming your puppy once a week. If you can, try to groom them more often than that. The grooming process is a labor of love and will help your puppy build trust with you. Brushing sessions not only help your dog with its grooming needs but also are a great time to check for skin irritations or unusual lumps on your dog.

10) Should I Hire a Professional Groomer?

If you do not have time for regular grooming sessions with your dog, or you feel uncomfortable with any part of the grooming process, then hiring a professional is a wonderful option for you and your dog.

They will be able to give your puppy the best possible grooming experience. Hiring a groomer is the best way to make sure your puppy is healthy and comfortable. It’s also a great way to socialize your puppy and make sure they’re getting the best possible care.


How much does a groomer cost?

Prices for professional grooming services vary depending on the size of your dog, the type of groom you want, and where you live. You can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100 for a professional grooming session.

What are the best dog toothpaste brands?

There are a few different dog toothpaste brands that are popular among pet owners. If you would like to read more we have an updated review in our article The Best Dog Toothpaste Brands of 2023.

How often should I bathe my puppy?

You should bathe your puppy every two to four weeks, depending on how active they are and how often they get dirty. If your puppy has a lot of hair, you may need to brush them daily to avoid matting.

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Grooming your puppy is an important part of taking care of them. It’s important to brush their fur, trim their nails, and clean their ears. You should also bathe your puppy every two to four weeks. Hiring a groomer is the best way to make sure your puppy is healthy and comfortable. Thanks for reading!

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