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45+ Best Gifts for Dogs (And New Dog Owners)

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There are endless possibilities when it comes to buying the best gifts for dogs and new dog owners. From toys and treats to grooming supplies and accessories, there’s something for everyone — no matter the budget or pup’s personality.

To make shopping easier, we’ve rounded up 45+ of the best gifts for dogs (and new dog owners) to help narrow down the best options.

The Best Toy Dog Gifts

If your pup loves to play, there are tons of fun gifts that will keep them entertained. Plush squeaky toys, interactive puzzles, and durable balls are just a few of the great dog toy options out there. Below is our list of the best gifts for dogs that love to jump around and play games.

1) Dog Toy Gift Boxes

There are not many things a dog loves more than quality time with their pet parent, but a gift box filled with premium dog toys and treats will certainly make any fur baby happy.

Check out our list of the best Dog Gift Boxes to see what other dog lovers are buying for their furry friends. Each dog box will come with treats and toys to provide mental stimulation and fun for your dog.

2) Interactive Dog Toy

Interactive dog toys are a great way to become the cool dog mom on the block, from preventing separation anxiety to teaching your dog to use its brain to solve puzzles you can easily find a new favorite toy for your furry friend.

3) Plush Dog Toy

If you are wanting to buy something for a friend’s dog, a great gift is a plush dog toy for their pup. Many dog owners enjoy playing a fun game of tug or fetch with their pup and that makes a plus toy the perfect gift for dog lovers and their dogs.

4) Chew Toy

Dogs relieve stress and energy by chewing on items, and if you have a teething puppy they can easily destroy and chew everything in the house in a matter of hours if they don’t have a quality chew toy to play with. The best dog chew toys will not break or chip easily and will have a durable material that can keep your puppy entertained for months.

5) Dog Frisbee

Do you have a dog that loves to chase? Consider checking out some of the best dog frisbees on the market to level up your next game of fetch and tire your pup out quickly. Even small dogs love to enjoy a day at the park with a frisbee and their favorite human.

6) Tug of War Dog Toy

One of the best gifts for dog lovers and pups is a high-quality tug toy that will last even the more intense game of tug. Many dogs enjoy playing tug of war more than any other type of play as it helps them exert great energy while having a little friendly competition with their pet parent.

7) Burrowing Toy (or Snuffle Mat)

Dog toys are a great way for dogs to live out their natural instincts safely indoors. One great new way dogs can do this is by playing with a fun burrowing toy designed to give them the freedom to sniff, scavenge, and dissect. These toys are a perfect gift for a busy pup who loves solving puzzles.

8) Dog Fetch Toy (Ball)

One tried and true gift idea for your furry best friend is a new fetch to or ball, these may seem like the simplest solution but to your dog, a new ball can mean the world to them.

9) Teething Toy

If your own dog or your friend’s dog is a teething puppy (6-12 months old) then a new teething toy should be the perfect gift for your four-legged pal. When puppies lose their baby teeth and grow adult ones they have very sore mouths and they enjoy a solid chew toy that will relieve their gums and give them entertainment.

Unique Dog Gift Ideas

From dog DNA tests to socks with your pup’s face on them, there is no shortage of new and unique gift ideas for a dog and its owner. Below is our list of unique dog gifts that are sure to make your pup’s tail wag.

1) Dog Camera

Dog cameras are becoming more popular and affordable today and there is every camera that can dispense a nice midday treat to your pup when you are away.

2) Dog DNA Test

Have you ever wondered what breed your dog is? Dog DNA tests are a great way to find out. These tests will tell you the exact breeds that make up your pup and give some cool insights into the health of your best friend.

3) Pet Portraits

If you have a friend with an adorable pup, give them the best gift to celebrate their best friend by getting a custom pet portrait. You can find some amazing artists that will turn your best friend into a piece of artwork to hang in their home.

4) Clothing with Custom Portrait

Clothing with personalized faces has become a thing, and you can make it even more special by ordering custom-made clothing with your pup’s portrait. From socks with your dog’s face on them to a sweater with your pup front and center, these are sure to make everyone smile when they see them.

5) Matching Pajamas for Pet Parents & Pups

If you are gathering the whole family for a holiday picture don’t forget that you can also grab a matching sweater for your pup to join in.

6) Dog Tracking Collar

For those dog lovers more on the technical side, you can get your pup a tracking collar that pairs with a phone app and allow you to track them wherever they go. This is a great gift for those dog owners that love to take their pups on outdoor adventures and want to keep track of them.

Dog Clothing & Gear Gift Ideas

For the dog lover who has everything, then accessories and clothing always make a great gift option.

1) Dog Leash

There are so many different types of dog leashes today and pet owners usually have only one. This means they can get worn out, break, and develop a severe wet dog smell. That is why your dog deserves a new dog leash now and then.

2) Dog Collar

Dog lovers enjoy keeping their furry friends comfortably, which is why getting a dog collar as a dog gift is such a good idea.

2) Dog Harness

Harnesses are becoming more popular as a way to give dogs freedom of movement while still keeping them safe and secure.

3) Hands-Free Dog Leash

Hands-free dog leashes make it easier for pet parents to enjoy walks with their best friends. They come in a variety of styles and lengths so you can find the best one for your pup.

4) Dog Clothing

Dog clothing is a great way to show off your best friend’s personality and make sure they stay warm and comfortable. Whether it’s a cute doggie bandana or a fun Christmas dress, you can find something for any occasion.

5) Dog Shoes

Dog shoes can be great for protecting your best friend’s paws from the elements and providing some traction when they are running around outside.

6) Dog Costumes

Dog costumes can be a great way to make sure your best friend is the best-dressed pup at any party. They also come in handy for holiday-themed pictures.

7) Stylish Poop Bag Carrier

This is a practical and thoughtful gift for any pet parent. A poop bag carrier attaches to leashes or can be carried around during walks, making it easier to bring along a few extra poop bags.

Essential Dog Supplies Gift Ideas

1) Food & Water Bowls

Having a food and water bowl that best suits your pup’s needs is essential for any dog owner. Some bowls come with cute designs, while others are designed to be spill-proof and durable.

2) Dog Crate

Dog crates are a great way to keep your best friend safe when you are away and can also be used for potty training.

3) Dog Bed

A dog bed is essential for any pup, and dog beds can be placed all throughout the home. So many dog owners and their pups would love a new high-quality dog bed for their homes, making this one of the best dog gifts of the year.

4) Unique ID Tags

Unique ID tags are a great way to make sure your best friend is always safe and secure. There are lots of different styles, sizes, and colors available so you can find the best one for your pup.

Grooming Dog Gifts

1) Dog Brush

Dogs need to be brushed regularly, and a good dog brush can make the job much easier. A good brush will help keep your best friend’s coat looking healthy and shiny.

2) Dog Clippers (for at-home grooming)

If you want to save some money on grooming, dog clippers are a great way to keep your best friend looking their best without having to go to the groomer.

3) Dog Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Dental health is just as important for dogs as it is for humans, so why not give your best friend a toothbrush and some dog-safe toothpaste to keep their teeth healthy.

4) Nail Grinder

For those pet parents who prefer not to use clippers, nail grinders are a great way to safely and quickly keep their pup’s nails trimmed.

5) Paw Butter

Paw butter is a great way to keep your best friend’s paws moisturized and healthy.

We hope this list of best gifts for dogs has given you some ideas of what to get your best friend. So go ahead and treat them this holiday season! They deserve it.

Dog Food & Treats Gift Ideas

1) Treat Dispenser

A treat dispenser is a great way to keep your best friend entertained and make sure they get their treats.

2) Kong Feeders & Lick Toys

Kong feeders and lick toys are a great way to keep your best friend busy for hours.

3) Silicone Treat Mold (For Making Treats)

Making your best friend their favorite treats at home is now easier than ever with a silicone treat mold.

4) Dog Bone

What pup doesn’t love a good bone? A dog bone from the pet store allows your dog to have a fun time chewing while they are indoors.

5) Long-Lasting Chews

Long-lasting chews are a great way to keep your best friend busy and entertained while they are indoors.

6) Food Puzzles

Food puzzles are a great way to keep your best friend mentally stimulated while they are indoors.

We hope these best gifts for dogs have given you some ideas of what to get your best friend this holiday season.

Training Supply Gift Ideas

1) Obedience Classes / Individual Training Sessions

If you are looking for a unique gift, why not get your best friend an obedience class or individual training session.

2) Clickers & Treats

Clickers and treats are essential when it comes to training your best friend.

3) Agility Equipment

Agility equipment is great for getting your best friend exercise and is a great way to bond with them.

4) Dog Whistle

Dog whistles have become increasingly popular in recent years and make training much easier. When outside you can train your dog to recognize the sound of a dog whistle and recall back to you.

3) Potty Bells

Potty bells are a great way to encourage your best friend to do their business outside. You can train your puppy to ask to go outside to potty by ringing potty bells in only a few weeks.

DIY Dog Gifts

1) Homemade Treats

One of the best gifts for dogs is homemade treats. Whether it’s a special recipe or just store-bought cookies, your best friend is sure to love them.

2) Homemade Toys

Making a DIY toy for your best friend is a great way to show them how much you care. You can easily make a chew toy out of rope or even an old t-shirt.

2) Homemade Dog Blanket

A homemade dog blanket is a great way to keep your best friend warm and cozy.

3) Homecooked Meal

Treat your best friend to a homecooked meal and they’ll never forget it!

4) DYI Tug Toy

Tug toys are a great way to keep your best friend entertained and having fun.

5) Framed Paw Print

Getting your best friend’s paw print frame is a great way to remember that special bond for years to come.

Final thoughts on the best dog gifts and gifts for dog lovers

No matter what type of best friend you have, there is always a special gift that will make them feel loved and appreciated.

From store-bought items to DIY gifts, there are plenty of options out there for the best dog gifts and gifts for dog lovers. Whether it’s a toy, treat, or something special for training, you are sure to find something that your best friend will love!

So go ahead and show them how much you care this holiday season with one of these best gifts for dogs. Happy gifting! 🙂

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